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Welcome to The Winter Rides blog. Check back every week for the route, start location, and start time.

First ride, part of the four week fall preview series, is on October 24 leaving from Element Coffee Co. in Crabapple. More info coming soon.

These are gentlemen’s rides (but of course females are not only welcomed, but encouraged to join). If you want to “go hard”, ride somewhere else, there will be time for that later. The rides will increase in distance and pace as the winter progresses. We ride as a group. We stop at designated spots to regroup, use the bathroom, and get food and water. There is no whinning after the first 15 minutes. Be polite to everyone. Don’t complain about the route, it is published ahead of time, if you don’t like it, come back next week. Don’t cry if we ride on dirt roads.Don’t ride more than 2 wide. Sprint for county line and city limit signs. Have fun.  Get fit.