The rules are simple. Follow them or you will be invited not to come back.

–  Be nice, to everyone. Cars. Fellow riders. Pedestrians.

– Be courteous to motorists.

– Don’t litter. Ever. This is not the Tour, no one wants your gel wrappers or bottles.

– Ride no more than two (2) wide. If you believe in sharing the road, then do so, if you don’t, find a new ride.

– Stop at red lights. Stop at Stop signs.

– If you are at the back when we stop at a light or stop sign, don’t swarm to the front just so you can go back to the back.

– Ride with the group. If you want to do a workout or ride faster than the group, do another ride. The pace is set by the guy(s) or girl(s) on front, if it is too slow, then you are on the wrong ride.

– If you are on the front setting pace, keep the pace even and don’t ramp it up.

– If a fellow rider has a flat or mechanical everyone stops.

– Share the love on the front. We all know you are strong and can sit on the front all day but there is plenty for everyone. Give someone else a shot (please see #11).

– Follow the route. Know the route. If you need to print it out and bring it with you.

– Don’t complain. Don’t cry. Don’t whine.

– Keep at least one hand on the bars. This is not the Tour and you are not a Pro (if you are a Pro you still need to keep your hands on the bars).

– If you are riding carbon wheels, you have to be on the front for at least 75% of the ride.
– Have fun.
– Get fit.