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In the spirit of the elections this week, we are going to have a vote on the route. They are all approximately the same distance with the same amount of climbing.

Depart: 9:17
Depart From: Element Coffee Co.
Store Stops: plenty
Pee Stops: plenty
Whinning: no

Route A:
Distance: 105k
Climbing: 513m
Sexiness: B
Pain Factor: 2 (scale of 1 – 5)

Route B:
Distance: 106k
Climbing: 512m
Sexiness: B+
Pain Factor: 3 (scale of 1 – 5)
Notes: This route follows part of the Alpharetta Century.


Same route as week one. This time we will do all 81k. I might not be able to join, if so, Rusty will be the driving the bus.

The route:
Distance: 81k
Depart Time: 9:08
Depart From: Element Coffee Co.
Store Stops: 1
Pee Breaks: Plenty
Pace: 24 – 26 kph

Welcome to the first edition of The Winter Rides. This Saturday will be a 81km jaunt through horse country. We will ride easy. Regroup when needed.

Please review the ride rules.

Start time: 9:08
Start from: Element Coffee Co. in Crabapple
Ride Length: 81km
Estimated Ride Duration: 3hrs
Store Stops: 1 at km 38
Pee Stops: plenty (especially if Mike is with us)