Depart Element Coffee Co. @ 9:00 in the am

The ride will arrive @ Jittery Joe’s Coffee Midway at approximately 9:45, so, if you don’t want to do all 130k, you can cut a little off and start from Midway.

Here is the route:, it heads up Yeller Creek to Steve Tate Hwy, then left on Cove Road and that is where the fun starts.

We will make plenty of store stops and bathrom breaks.

The ride is 130k from crabapple with 670m of climbing (that is according to MapMyRide so it is most likely double).

Remember to bring your passports, we will be heading into North Georgia.


In the spirit of the elections this week, we are going to have a vote on the route. They are all approximately the same distance with the same amount of climbing.

Depart: 9:17
Depart From: Element Coffee Co.
Store Stops: plenty
Pee Stops: plenty
Whinning: no

Route A:
Distance: 105k
Climbing: 513m
Sexiness: B
Pain Factor: 2 (scale of 1 – 5)

Route B:
Distance: 106k
Climbing: 512m
Sexiness: B+
Pain Factor: 3 (scale of 1 – 5)
Notes: This route follows part of the Alpharetta Century.

Same route as week one. This time we will do all 81k. I might not be able to join, if so, Rusty will be the driving the bus.

The route:
Distance: 81k
Depart Time: 9:08
Depart From: Element Coffee Co.
Store Stops: 1
Pee Breaks: Plenty
Pace: 24 – 26 kph

Week one was a succes. We didn’t hammer out all 81k, but we got pretty close. The whinning was kept to a minnimum and everyone behaved.

Overall, a good ride.

Welcome to the first edition of The Winter Rides. This Saturday will be a 81km jaunt through horse country. We will ride easy. Regroup when needed.

Please review the ride rules.

Start time: 9:08
Start from: Element Coffee Co. in Crabapple
Ride Length: 81km
Estimated Ride Duration: 3hrs
Store Stops: 1 at km 38
Pee Stops: plenty (especially if Mike is with us)


Welcome to The Winter Rides blog. Check back every week for the route, start location, and start time.

First ride, part of the four week fall preview series, is on October 24 leaving from Element Coffee Co. in Crabapple. More info coming soon.

These are gentlemen’s rides (but of course females are not only welcomed, but encouraged to join). If you want to “go hard”, ride somewhere else, there will be time for that later. The rides will increase in distance and pace as the winter progresses. We ride as a group. We stop at designated spots to regroup, use the bathroom, and get food and water. There is no whinning after the first 15 minutes. Be polite to everyone. Don’t complain about the route, it is published ahead of time, if you don’t like it, come back next week. Don’t cry if we ride on dirt roads.Don’t ride more than 2 wide. Sprint for county line and city limit signs. Have fun.  Get fit.